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Schedule 2011:

July 16 - Group Draw
July 17 - 1st match day and Opening Ceremony
July 18 - 2nd match day
July 19 - 3rd match day
July 20 - 1st knockout round
July 21 - 2nd knockout round
July 22 - 3rd knockout round
July 23 - Women's Finals and Men's Semifinals
July 24 - Men's Finals and Closing Ceremony

European Year of Volunteering

Competition Village

The competition village is located in Hervanta, some 10 km south of the Tampere city centre. Hervanta is one of the biggest and well known suburbs in Finland. Currently, there are over 26,000 inhabitants in the area. All basic services can be found in Hervanta including shops, restaurants, bars, post-office, banks, pharmacy etc.

Two of the four higher education institutions in Tampere, Tampere University of Technology and the Police College of Finland, are also located in Hervanta which ensures lots of students living in the area. Hervanta is also sometimes called the Silicon Valley of Finland. This is because of the technology centre Hermia and the high concentration of high tech companies in the area, including Nokia Research Center.


AccommodationTeams will have an Plus Size Black Dresses accommodation in the area of Hervanta in apartments for two or three people per room. There are at least one toilet and shower facilities for in a ratio of 1:4, more probably in a ratio of 1:2 or 1:3. The accommodation facilities have access to laundry facilities. Accommodation is offered by the Tampere Student Housing Foundation (TOAS).

Referees, EUSA officials and VIPs will have their accommodation in a three star hotel Hermica located at Hervanta. Rooms for referees are doubles en suite and for VIPs they are singles en suite.

Tampere University of Technology

Tournament Office is located at Tampere University of Technology (TUT), established in 1965. TUT provides higher education and practices scientific research in technology and architecture. The University educates Masters of Science within these fields, and currently there are 11,600 students at TUT, 10,000 of whom are taking an undergraduate degree and 1,600 a postgraduate degree.

TUT also operates in close collaboration with business life. Furthermore, TUT has developed to be a significant influential factor on technology in Finland and abroad. TUT is also Finland's most international university of technology in researcher and student exchange.

The students and personnel of TUT have always been active in leisure activities as well, including sports and especially futsal. For instance, there are several futsal teams at the university and TUT's team has also represented Finland four times in the EUC Futsal championships. TUT has also hosted Finnish Universities Futsal Championship four times in recent years.

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