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Schedule 2011:

July 16 - Group Draw
July 17 - 1st match day and Opening Ceremony
July 18 - 2nd match day
July 19 - 3rd match day
July 20 - 1st knockout round
July 21 - 2nd knockout round
July 22 - 3rd knockout round
July 23 - Women's Finals and Men's Semifinals
July 24 - Men's Finals and Closing Ceremony

European Year of Volunteering

Competition venues

TESC inside
Photo Markus Kakkonen

Tampere Exhibition ans Sports Centre (TESC)

Sports Centre is located ten kilometers from accommodation area of teams and eight kilometers from the accommodation of referees and VIPs. In the Sports Centre there will be four fields for matches and in Hervanta there are two training fields Sexy Dresses For Women.


TESCAll competition matches will be played in Tampere Exhibition and Sports Centre. There will be two wooden pitches for men and two artificial pitches for women.

Fields for men will be covered with seats for at least 1000 spectators per field and for women for at least 500 spectators per field. All the match fields meet the FIFA requirements for futsal fields. There will be 16 changing rooms with showers for teams and separate changing rooms with showers for referees.


Training1 One wooden pitch and one artificial pitch are reserved for training. Both training fields are located in Hervanta, very close to the accommodation of teams.

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